An innovative collection of high performance products to complement any interior design plan and withstand any commercial environment. Specialty products include such categories as sports floors, leather floors, interlocking floors, safety mats, static control (SDT), aluminum and other metals, PVC, back of house (BOH), and other specific use products.


    Aluminum panels for floors and walls are adhesively affixed to a suitable substrate, eliminating the need for fasteners and resulting in a smooth, monolithic, high-tech appearance. They offer precision machining, which allows for tight-fitting panels that need absolutely no grouting. Aluminum wall base, stair treads / risers and tactile products are also available.

    Back of House

    For commercial establishments, back of the house is the area not seen by the public where functional activities to run the business take place, such as food preparation and storage, break rooms, staff meeting rooms, etc. Flooring needs may include slip resistance, anti-fatigue properties, easy maintenance and resistance to breakage.


    A floating floor is a floor which does not require nailing or gluing to a subfloor. Although the term often refers to the installation method, it is used to define certain laminate flooring, floating tile systems or sound absorbing flooring. It may be constructed over a subfloor or even over an existing floor and can consist of fiber, felt or cork layer for sound absorption with pads for holding the floor up. Floating floors are not recommended for areas that may get wet.


    Interlocking tiles are manufactured with a patented vulcanization process using predominately recycled rubber. Typically sized at 27” x 27” x 3/8” thick, they provide excellent slip resistance and water drainage properties.

    Leather Floors

    Leather floors and walls are appropriate in many commercial settings, such as corporate offices, museums, restaurants, retail, reception areas, theaters and private clubs. Dyed using a slow tanning process, leather provides a luxurious interior finish, achieves a class I flammability rating and is resilient, abrasion resistant and lightfast. Recycled Leather – The process of recycling leather involves treating and recycling leather residues discarded by tanneries and other leather product industries and using it in the production of composite materials. The final product has a polished appearance and does not require any additional finishing. Recycled leather products are esthetically pleasing, soundproof and even have heat insulation properties. They can be used in a variety of ways, from floor tiles to furniture to vertical applications including cash wraps and accent walls, and have the look of natural leather.


    PVC is an outstanding floor covering because of its resistance to wear, durability and environmentally friendly attributes. The production and use of vinyl flooring does not result in any significant impairment to man or the environment, and old flooring and production waste are 100% recyclable. Sustainable.

    Safety Floors

    A variety of sealed, integrated systems that provide slip and fall resistance, hygienic properties, long-term appearance retention, protection against foot traffic, moisture resistance and durability.

    Sport Floors

    Floors that provide safety, comfort and high performance features for all types of exercise and sports facilities from elite competition to leisure activities. Benefits include shock absorption, impact protection, a variety of thickness options and visuals, and several different components, such as rubber, resilient, synthetic, etc.

    Storefloors can help you select the floor that best meets your needs for any type of sport floor including:  aerobic, weight room, sport court, basketball court, track, physical therapy, or custom sport floors.

    Here are the benefits of various types of sports floors

    • Protection: reduces immediate injury risks to all users who might fall, dive or slide on the floor.
    • Shock absorption: minimizes the impact on the body and helps to lower long-term injury risks
    • Impact Protection Index: select the level of impact protection needed based on the type activity on the floor.
    • Anti-wicking moisture barrier on the back of the floor: protects the closed cell foam from moisture in the slab, a common problem with gyms which are typically on grade.
    • Variety of thickness options and visuals: depending on the type activities that will be carried out on the floor, there are different options for thickness, impact resistance and visual elements/designs.
    • Sustainability: products may be FloorScore Certified for indoor air quality or include recycled pre and post-consumer content which will contribute to LEED certification.
    • Maintenance: floors may have raised embossing to prevent dirt from being trapped or they may have surface treatments that ensure minimal maintenance.
    • Rubber sports flooring: provides outstanding benefits: mold and mildew resistant; cost effective and long-lasting; shock and sound absorbent; designed to be a seamless floor surface; and excellent traction even when wet.
    • Synthetic sports flooring: offers cushioning, shock absorption and ball bounce aspects. They are an easy to clean and maintain solution for gymnasiums and fitness facilities.
    • Hardwood sports floors: DIN 2001 certified to ensure athlete safety and manufactured to prevent buckling and other wood issues. Hardwood is good for basketball courts, gymnasiums, handball courts, aerobics and dance floors.
      • A floating floor is a floor that is not adhered or fastened to the substrate in any way, essentially floating over concrete. These would be appropriate for a dance/aerobics floor.
      • Anchored wood floors are mechanically fastened to the substrate often with screws or anchor pins. This floor would be for basketball courts, K-12 up to NBA teams.
      • Wood floors may be installed in parquet fashion or as portable systems.
    • Sports Turf – a high performance synthetic grass surfacing system formulated for indoor and outdoor activities as well as playgrounds and play, running and physical therapy areas that require fall protection. Manufactured of polyethylene, polypropylene or nylon, sports turf provides durability, slip resistance and can be fully glued down over existing concrete or asphalt.

    Custom Sport Floors – Most any type of sports floor can be designed to meet your custom needs.

    Stainless Steel

    Slip resistant stainless steel floor plates are designed for applications where sanitation, complete slip resistant coverage in every direction, durability and safety are vital. They are extremely attractive, hygienic, won’t chip or rust and require minimal care. They also can be manufactured as walk off mats.

    Static Control Floors

    Flooring with static control focuses on eliminating static electricity. Certain carbon or other type fibers used in these commercial carpet or mats has static dissipative properties. Other flooring materials, such as rubber and vinyl, can also provide static dissipative properties.