Inherent advantages make it a popular choice for commercial, high-traffic environments: it is strong, tough and resilient against a variety of hazards, has acoustic properties, offers eco-friendly options, is fire and burn resistant and stands up in wet conditions.

    Cork-Rubber Blend

    Cork-Rubber Blends are made from a combination of recycled cork and rubber to create a colorful, water resistant, hardwearing floor that contributes to LEED credit. This blend is extremely durable, naturally resilient, quiet, and contains naturally occurring inhibitors that resist the growth of bacteria, fungus and mold. Additionally, cork-rubber blends exceed industry standards for fire and slip resistance.

    Custom Rubber Floor

    Rubber flooring is available in multiple colors, custom colors and logos. This durable and hygienic surface is safe for all types of commercial interiors and can be designed to promote your branding standards.

    Interlocking Rubber

    Interlocking tiles are manufactured with a patented vulcanization process using predominately recycled rubber. Typically installed in a floating format, they provide excellent slip resistance and water drainage properties.

    Rubber Rolls

    Rolled rubber flooring is the ultimate low cost rubber flooring solution for commercial gyms because it is less dense and more shock absorbent. Specifically designed for high-impact work out rooms, it is unsurpassed in durability, ease of cleaning, slip resistance and bounce-back ability.

    Rubber Sports Floor

    Rubber sports flooring provides outstanding benefits: mold and mildew resistant; cost effective and long-lasting; shock and sound absorbent; designed to be a seamless floor surface; and excellent traction even when wet.

    Rubber Tile

    Rubber tiles are shaped to hold their color, resist indentations and cracking, and to be quiet underfoot. Patterns that are both practical and attractive make them easy to clean, and ensure that they remain slip resistant for years. Built-in waxes produce a natural luster that requires no finishes or stripping, and lowering maintenance costs.

    Rubber Underlayment

    Rubber underlayment is comprised of a thermoplastic rubber compound, making it flexible and easy to work with, yet strong and durable. Available in a range of thicknesses, it is pre-scored for easy on-site trimming.