Glass is a non-crystalline solid material which is often transparent and has widespread practical, technological, and decorative usage in windows, window walls, mosaics and other vertical applications. Most glass is used in vertical applications; however, some tempered glass may be used on floors. Some glass flooring has a textured surface for slip resistance.

    Custom Glass

    Glass may be etched, water jet cut, made into architectural blocks, custom colored, or patterned as full wall-size mosaics to create a stunning interior or exterior finish.

    Glass Mosaic

    A glass mosaic is a decoration on a surface made by adhering small pieces of glass in various colors, shapes and sizes, onto a mesh backing that when installed and grouted, creates pictures or patterns. Logos or branding elements can be created in mosaics for interior finishes. Mosaics are used more frequently on walls but are also found on floors.