Storefloors can source or customize most any product you are looking for, including specifications such as color, size, shape, finish, and more. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us and we will locate it or have it made for you.

    Custom Carpet

    There are limitless opportunities for customization in commercial carpet products, whether the construction is broadloom, tile or rugs. Custom options include colors, patterns, fiber, construction (loop, cut, cut and loop), pile height, density and backing systems. Storefloors works with key carpet manufacturers, all of whom provide outstanding custom carpet options.

    Custom Glass

    Custom Graphics & Logos

    A variety of custom products which can display a theme, a word, name or logo of a manufacturer or merchant to identify its products distinctively from others of the same type. Logos can be either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or composed of the name of the organization (logo or word mark).

    Graphics and logos can be created using a variety of methods including medallions, etching, engraving, water jet cutting, or printing; and can be created in most any material type such as: glass, hard surface, carpet, rugs, mats, glass, mosaics, etc.

    Custom Hardwood

    A custom hardwood floor may address options such as hand-finishing, board widths and lengths, colors, textures, or grooved in a proprietary way or have a specific design or pattern to make it unique. Additionally, it might feature a motif, a parquet design or have a combination of colors and textures to create a custom look. Storefloors embraces customization.

    Custom LVT

    Custom Mats

    Custom Mosaics

    Custom Specialty Products