A naturally renewable and sustainable resource, cork is an environmentally responsible flooring product with a rich, natural look that can contribute to LEED credit. Cork is resilient, durable, and water resistant. It also has excellent acoustical properties, a Class 1 fire rating, and is non-toxic. It’s available in a variety of patterns and colors that are engineered to perform in commercial applications. Cork is easily installed and maintained. Cork is available in both glue down and floating formats and a wide array of colors, patterns, shapes and sizes which accommodate creativity and customization.

    Cork Underlayment

    Cork underlayment consists of unfinished sanded cork, which is available in various thicknesses and rests between the subfloor and the surface floor covering. Applications include installations of laminate and hardwood flooring when there is a requirement to address sound control.

    Cork-Rubber Blends

    Cork-Rubber Blends are made from a combination of recycled cork and rubber to create a colorful, water resistant, hardwearing floor that contributes to LEED credit. This blend is extremely durable, naturally resilient, quiet, and contains naturally occurring inhibitors that resist the growth of bacteria, fungus and mold. Additionally, cork-rubber blends exceed industry standards for fire and slip resistance.

    Floating Cork

    A floating cork floor is one that does not require gluing to a subfloor. It may be installed over a subfloor or even over an existing finished floor. Floating floors are not recommended for areas that may get wet.