Accessories include a wide variety of products that are necessary for the installation and maintenance of flooring and wall products. Although they are subordinate or supplementary products, their use contributes to the finished effect and performance of an installed product.

Storefloors considers accessory products a critical component of the finished floor specification to ensure a properly finished floor and protect manufacturers’ warranties (proprietary adhesives as an example).


    Flooring adhesive refers to a variety of compounds which are used to attach a floor covering material to the subfloor or underlayment. Different types of adhesives are recommended for different types of flooring or wall panels, although some multi-purpose adhesives can be used effectively with multiple materials. Storefloors recommends and supplies all the adhesives shipped to our projects. Particular attention is given to those adhesives formulated by the manufacturer to be used with their products for performance and warranty purposes.

    Cleaning & Maintenance Products

    Commercial cleaning products support the maintenance of the floors and walls in your facility. Every manufacturer has unique maintenance instructions covering both product and frequency protocols. Proper use of these products is paramount to the everyday appearance and life expectancy of your flooring.

    Custom Accessories

    On occasion, a project requires accessories that are not stocked running line products such as: grout, transitions and base. When this is the case, Storefloors has the resources to provide customized solutions.


    A mixture which is applied as a thick emulsion for the installation of stone, tile, terrazzo and other flooring and wall products.

    Grouts are available in sanded, unsanded, and epoxy based format in a wide variety of colors.

    Rug Anchors

    Rug anchors are designed to hold down rug corners and edges, are easy to install, and are customizable to any rug size. They also provide anti-slip and floor protection, prevent sand and dirt from scraping floors and are waterproof to help protect floors against moisture damage.


    Sealants or joint compounds are a type of liquid, chemical or compound which is applied to flooring surfaces such as resilient, stone, terrazzo and concrete. Sealants and compounds typically promote fast curing, and result in a superior adhesion to both porous and non-porous surfaces or can be used to level the substrate to meet the product manufacturers’ criteria. Sealants and joint compounds meet the challenges posed by weather, moisture, joint movement, dissimilar materials, and undulating substrates.

    Stair Treads

    Treads are protective coverings for the horizontal surface of a stair resting on the riser. Risers, the vertical portion of the stairs, typically match the style and color of the tread. Treads and risers provide slip resistance and low maintenance protection for the stairs. These are available in rubber, vinyl, porcelain, and hardwood.


    Transition strips are used to connect one flooring type to another and/or resolve differences in heights in two adjacent floor systems. Transitions are available in various materials, including extruded metals, vinyl, and rubber, and may be custom cut.

    Wall Base

    Wall base is a type of trim that is installed along the base of an interior wall where the wall meets the floor. It protects the lower portion of a wall from damage while providing a finished and more aesthetically pleasing look. Wall base is frequently made of vinyl or rubber and is available in other materials as well.