Collaboration & Creativity


Our extensive product knowledge and objective selection process ensure proper material selection for your concept. Working with over 100 manufacturers worldwide, we provide specification guidance and then procure the very best products that will meet your requirements for design, practicality, price, performance, and delivery. We do all the legwork for your design and construction teams by performing product research and providing all the samples and documentation needed. We understand design, construction and retail branding and are focused on your specific concerns such as installation complexities, tight construction timelines and budgets.

Custom Product Solutions

Storefloors sources materials from over 100 vendors worldwide across virtually all product types to meet most every design concept. While our extensive product offerings are a great fit for the majority of projects, we realize that your unique design vision may not be met by running line options.

Reasons to select a custom product:

  • Focus on branding or communicating your unique message through design
  • Desire for a very specific material/design combination not otherwise found.
  • The specified material is not available or comes with long lead times.
  • Achieve sustainability/LEED goals or requirements

We often take advantage of product customization to provide the very best product to meet your requirements. Custom products could include variations of a running line product or different construction materials, in addition to custom colors, patterns, treatments, finishes or textures.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is widely considered to be the substitution of materials and methods with less expensive alternatives. Storefloors considers EVERY component of the value and procurement decision-making process to be value engineering. Storefloors examines all of the factors such as design, budget, quality, performance, installation, maintenance, freight costs, and inventory availability.