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How We Save You Money

We thought you might like to know how Storefloors compares to other companies that offer flooring. Our goals are to be your 5-star flooring specialist in these six key areas:

Product Selection: We offer an infinite selection of floor finishes from world-wide resources.

Value Engineering: We consider every component of the decision making process, including price, quality, performance, and availability.

Material Price: Our multi-vendor negotiation process ensures you competitive pricing.

Logistics Start to Finish: We manage the process from order entry to delivery to control your costs.

Time Savings: Time saved equals dollars saved. We manage all the details so you don’t have to.

Overall Value: The right product at the right price, project management, and problem prevention save you time, money and make your job easier.

Comparison of Storefloors, Distributors, Dealers, and Manufacturers


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How We Floor It

Product Selection & Specification

Our extensive product knowledge and objective selection process ensure proper material selection for your concept. Working with over 100 manufacturers worldwide, we provide specification guidance and then procure the very best products that will meet your requirements for design, practicality, price, performance, and delivery. We do all the legwork for your design and construction teams by performing product research and providing all the samples and documentation needed. We understand design, construction and retail branding and are focused on your specific concerns such as installation complexities, tight construction timelines and budgets.

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Design Consultation

Storefloors specializes in promoting your brand and executing your design vision down to the smallest detail. We will generate creative ideas for product finishes that reflect your brand, support your priorities and enhance the shopping experience. Brand enhancement and ideation together serve as key driving components to our “materials optimization” process, and we will provide practical material options that best meet all of your performance objectives and enhance your design vision.

Custom Product Solutions

Custom red hardwood floors used in Famous Footwear stores by Caleres.

Storefloors worked with the hardwood vendor to create the stunning custom red hardwood floor for the Famous Footwear store in Saugus, MA.

Storefloors sources materials from over 100 vendors worldwide across virtually all product types to meet most every design concept. While our extensive product offerings are a great fit for the majority of projects, we realize that your unique design vision may not be met by running line options.

Reasons to select a custom product:

  • Focus on branding or communicating your unique message through design
  • Desire for a very specific material/design combination not otherwise found.
  • The specified material is not available or comes with long lead times.
  • Achieve sustainability/LEED goals or requirements

We often take advantage of product customization to provide the very best product to meet your requirements. Custom products could include variations of a running line product or different construction materials, in addition to custom colors, patterns, treatments, finishes or textures.

Value Engineering

STO_2015_Photos_How_ValueengineerValue engineering is widely considered to be the substitution of materials and methods with less expensive alternatives. Storefloors considers EVERY component of the value and procurement decision-making process to be value engineering. Storefloors examines all of the factors such as design, budget, quality, performance, installation, maintenance, freight costs, and inventory availability.

Strategic Pricing

We realize that controlling store build-out costs is a critical issue for retailers. Our pricing strategies include:

  • value engineering
  • price negotiation
  • large-scale purchasing power
  • strategic vendor partnerships

Storefloors ensures that the floor covering costs are in line with your unique construction parameters, meet your budget and provide you the best value.


We handle the procurement process for each and every order. A single-source purchasing relationship with Storefloors means you have only one purchase order to issue and only one invoice to approve. You save time, energy and expense by communicating with one vendor rather than many. Our procurement process ensures uninterrupted material supply often without an up-front outlay of your working capital.

Program Management

Inventory Management
We know that material availability is a critical component of your store build-out. Therefore, we continuously monitor lead times and inventory levels of all specified products, measuring material availability against the construction schedule. We proactively monitor your construction schedule and communicate with your team so we are apprised of any schedule changes. We initiate replenishment of materials with the manufacturer accordingly, so material is always available when you need it.


Storefloors provides quantity estimates and line item project costs for all flooring and related products for each individual project, including accessories, adhesives and freight. Our advanced computerized take-off services ensure accurate material quantities and price quotes. Accurate measurements produce less waste and minimize project costs.

We handle all of your flooring logistics: shipping, tracking, and delivery coordination to ensure your materials arrive on-time. We communicate with the Site Superintendent throughout the process until the flooring is successfully installed.

All of the services we offer have been designed to create a smooth path from order entry to on-time delivery. Our detailed processes and high standards enable us to remedy the problems common to retail construction and prevent impact to the project schedule and costs. When problems arise, we quickly respond to resolve them. 

Job Site Documentation
We guide your team through a smooth installation with our powerful and valuable proprietary construction management tool. It assures an installation is done to specification and establishes a line of culpability that will protect your job costs.

A Customer Service Culture

The Customer is everything. We consider ourselves to be part of your team and are passionate about creating solutions for your success. Our team is dedicated, proactive and resourceful in our services and solutions. We want to be your business partner of choice.

How Our Process Works

From beginning to end, we deliver knowledge and quality products.

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