Values, Leadership & Passion

At Storefloors, our Core Values and Beliefs provide a solid foundation for everything we do. Because we place great emphasis on these values, our customers, vendors, business partners and employees always know where we stand and what we stand for.


Honest relationships and trust are essential for long-term business success. We deal with uncompromising integrity in all of our business relations.


Customers are the essence of our business. We work tirelessly and diligently to anticipate their expectations and satisfy their requirements. We have been successful because we focus on helping our customers win.


People are our most valuable resource. Our employees possess immense powers of innovation, imagination, skill and a desire to accomplish something of significance. Working as a team enables all of us to realize our full potential.


We recognize and enthusiastically accept our responsibility to the communities we serve. We are good neighbors and are involved and supportive in community activities.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We maintain a corporate culture that values originality, invention and creativity, and we nurture these qualities through openness and reverence for the entrepreneurial spirit.

Tolerance for Risk

The Company’s willingness to take risks in deploying new strategies, new markets, or fresh, untried concepts is central to our culture and success.


Efficiency means the difference between success and failure. We relentlessly pursue a more efficient way to do everything we undertake.

Employee Autonomy

The autonomy of our employees is important to promote focus, fast decision-making and ultimately commitment, which is essential for success. At the same time, cooperation must exist so that Storefloors employees work efficiently together and share ideas. Autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit go hand in hand.


We welcome change for the opportunities it offers.