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Storefloors has been providing flooring solutions since 1994, specializing in retail and restaurant chains by procuring the best floors for their bottom line. Initially conceived in 1992 when company founder Earl Wasserman called on the corporate offices of global retailer, The Athlete’s Foot. They shared with him the many flooring issues plaguing their stores, such as escalating construction and operational costs in addition to failed floor covering.

Earl performed an in-depth analysis and submitted a report providing unique, practical solutions to each concern. The Athlete’s Foot then engaged him to execute his plan. The answers he provided corrected the issues and enhanced the in-store shopping experience for The Athlete’s Foot customers. This creative ingenuity led to the founding of Storefloors in 1994. The Athlete’s Foot remains a client today.

Earl has extensive experience in retail, construction, flooring installation and distribution. Before Storefloors, his floor covering career included contracts for high profile projects such as The Georgia World Congress Center and The Georgia Dome. He also performed tenant work for many local and national developers and real estate firms.

After four years in business, Earl took on partner Stephen Scott to help him grow the business. Scott had extensive flooring experience with major manufacturers, such as Interface, Mohawk, and Mannington; and he had also led a start-up company to success.

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Storefloors delivers the ultimate customer service experience with honesty and integrity.  Almost 50% of the business is grown organically from our strong relationships with clients and their referrals. As our contacts move on to their next career position, they take Storefloors along with them while their replacements also continue working with Storefloors.

Storefloors started in the business working strictly with retail and has now expanded to also work with restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, and other multi-unit national accounts. After 20 years of business, the original business model remains mostly intact.